Pollution & Health


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Mass Clean Air, Health Effect of Air Pollution in your Town (Map)

Mass Clean Air, Spreadsheet of town data

Mass Clean Air, Contacting Policy-Makers, The first step towards a Clean Air Massachusetts Provides a list of policies and actions that can reduce pollution; advocacy at the local and state levels.

Mass Climate Action Network

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United States Census, QuickFacts, Peabody city, Massachusetts

Air Quality Monitors

Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) (19 monitors)


AirNow map of air quality

AirNow Monitors

Purple Air

Provides a choice of variables to display.


Detailed information at Peabody Square including historical data; select a different location for similar data.


IQ AIR provides data using the sources of Mass DEP, purple air, and IQ sensors to map Air Quality, PM2.5, NO2, and CO.

Additional sources:

CBS News, Global pollution kills 9 million people each year, study finds  MAY 17, 2022 

WHO, Leading causes of death globally