Healthy Air Peabody

Submitted by Jerry Halberstadt on Mon, 01/09/2023 - 22:35

Everyone wants their family (children, adults, and elderly) to enjoy good health. We all want to breathe healthy air, avoid illness, and live a long, happy life.

But pollution poisons our air, makes us sick, and kills some of us.

A young mother has cancer caused by polluted air; her child has asthma.

That pollution is caused by burning fossil fuels like coal, oil, and gas in our homes, factories, and cars.

There are companies and people who know that their use of fossil fuels is harmful to us and to the climate, but they don't care because their profits are more important than our lives. Oil companies have known about the evil they were doing for decades, but they continue to lie to protect their profits.

They claim that to keep the lights on, only gas and oil are reliable. But we know that we have so many other ways to keep the lights on, more reliably, and at less cost.

All of us are working together to protect our family and our community and to be free from the sickness and death caused by pollution, pollution that puts profit above people's health.

We can observe the invisible pollution and take shelter for protection.

We the people are making them replace the sources of dirty pollution with clean, reliable sources of energy like wind and sun to assure a brighter, healthier future for our children and grandchildren.

When do we want healthy air? Now!

We have a pollution problem affecting the health of every person in Peabody and in our North Shore communities. Pollution affects health today, making children ill and damaging their lungs and minds, thus impacting their future. It makes elderly people ill and kills them before their time—Peabody has a high death rate related to disease caused by pollution. Finally, by amplifying global warming, pollution increases future threats to health. 

A community organization effort focused on health education and mitigation of harm is a springboard for remedial action.

The Healthy Air Peabody program will include these methods:

  • We will go to where we find existing community groups.

  • We will listen to their concerns and priorities related to health.

  • We will explain about pollution as measured by the Air Quality Index, and the impact of pollution on health.

  • In addition to the several air quality monitors now providing current information, we will seek to provide small portable air quality monitors to provide hyper-local information to individuals, their families, and their neighbors.

  • Together with residents and subject matter experts, we will identify and implement methods to mitigate the effects of pollution, providing avenues for mitigation at home, in school, and at work.

  • Together, we will work to identify and open doors to health care.

  • We will support residents to engage in advocacy to address the sources of pollution and overcome barriers to replacing fossil fuels with clean sources of energy, improving transportation systems, and a transition to electricity: all to reduce and eliminate the use of fossil fuels, eliminate pollution, and breathe healthy air.

  • The program will cover all major sources of pollution including transportation, heating, industry, and power generation; and indoor, such as gas appliances which can create very high levels of pollution in the home.


Please tell us about yourself and how you can help in this short form.

Or write to us at:

Contact: Coordinator (at) 

Advisors & Partners
350-Mass-North Shore
Adrienne Allen, MD, MPH
Berkshire Environmental Action Team
Judith Black
Breathe Clean North Shore
Domingo Dominguez
Green Sanctuary Team at Northshore UUC (Danvers)
Representative Sally Kerens
Philip Landrigan
Mass Climate Action Network
No Fracked Gas in Mass
Nathan Phillips
Doreen Wade, Salem United
Rosemary Wessel
Tristan Brown
Lynn Nadeau

We welcome additional advisors and partners, both individuals and organizations.