About Healthy Air Peabody

Healthy Air Peabody is a voluntary community organization effort focused on health education and mitigation of harm from pollution and a springboard for remedial action.

The Healthy Air Peabody Program

Everyone wants their family to enjoy good health. We all want to breathe healthy air, avoid illness, and live a long, joyful life. But pollution poisons our air, makes us sick, and kills us.
That pollution is caused by burning coal, oil, and gas in our homes, factories, and cars.
Let’s work together to protect everyone from the harm done by pollution while we clean the air.

  • IDENTIFY NEEDS: Listen to the concerns and priorities of groups related to pollution and their health.

  • COLLABORATE: Assemble a coalition of residents, civic leaders, experts in public health, health education, and medical services.

  • MONITOR: Fixed air quality monitors and personal air quality monitors can provide hyper-local, timely information about pollution to the community.

  • MITIGATE: Residents can mitigate the effects of pollution at home, in school, and at work. 

  • TREAT: Access to health care. 

  • PREVENT: Residents can advocate to reduce and eliminate the use of fossil fuels, eliminate pollution, and breathe healthy air. 

Coordinator: Jerry Halberstadt
Contact: Coordinator (at) CleanPowerCoalition.org

Partners and Advisors

Breathe Clean North Shore

Mass Climate Action Network

  • 350.org-Mass-North Shore.

  • Adrienne Allen, MD, MPH

  • Berkshire Environmental Action Team

  • Judith Black

  • Domingo Dominguez

  • Philip Landrigan

  • No Fracked Gas in Mass

  • Slingshot

  • Sunrise 

  • Doreen Wade, Salem United

  • Rosemary Wessel